Mama Circle

Second Tuesdays of the month.

5:30-7pm Snacks + tea, discussion, and movement. ($10) Space limited ~ Sign up here.

7:00-7:15 A time for chatting and coming + going.

7:15 (optional) Community foot soak + pelvic steam. ($25) Space limited ~ Sign up here.

This is about nourishing ourselves, deepening into the experience of pregnancy and early mothering, connecting with our bodies, and creating community.

Pelvic steaming is not done during pregnancy, but is a powerful tool for postpartum recovery. To participate in the community steam, it is necessary to have done an intake process previously. Learn more here.


Can I come for just one part of this? Yes! You can come for the first part and leave during the chatting time, or arrive during the chatting time and get a foot soak or a steam?

Can I bring my baby? Pre-crawling babies are welcome. Bringing a baby carrier is recommended.

My “baby” is actually a toddler but I could really use some self care, can I come? Yes, even though your kid is walking and talking, you are still in the childbearing time, and may be dealing with the emotional and physical challenges that these early years of mothering bring.

I’m a mama, but not giving birth, is this for me? Or I’m giving birth but not a mama, is this for me? (as in adopting or surrogacy or partner of a birthing person, or nonbionary etc.) There may be a lot of attention to preparing for or recovering from birth, and caring for a newborn. If you are nonbionary, we’ll do our best to adjust language to be inclusive. Knowing all this, if you still want to come then you are welcome. And if there is ever a small group of folks who don’t identify as a birthing mamas and would like to come together in these ways, please reach out, I would love to create specific support.

Please contact me here with any other questions.