About Pelvic Steaming

vaginal steam herbs / herbal pelvic steam

What is pelvic steaming? 

(vaginal steam * v-steam * yoni steam * peristeam)

A healing modality that uses steam and herbs to support pelvic health and postpartum recovery.

What are the benefits?

Pelvic steaming is deeply relaxing and supports overall vitality. It is a powerful tool for postpartum recovery and it can address a myriad of gynecological complaints. It supports a regular, pain-free menstrual cycle.

Is it always good for everyone?

NO. There are specific contraindications, including pregnancy, menstruation, fresh red spotting. There are also individual sensitive that call for shorter duration of steaming.

Steam Session

A steam Session (45- minutes) includes an intake process to determine the best herb blend, length of steam, and steam frequency. Clients sit on a special stool over a pot of herbs that is warm and comfortable (not hot!). Once comfortable on the stool and wrapped in a blanket, Kestrel offers a guided visualization to deepen the relaxation. After the steaming, there is an opportunity to discuss menstrual health or self care. ($45) Schedule Now

Steam Consult via email includes an intake process and steaming recommendations with how-to instructions. There are four types of herbal blends, specific sensitivities that affect steaming duration, and different options for steaming. Based on your intake form, I will help you come up with a steam plan that is right for you and answer any questions.($27). Buy Now

Postpartum Steaming

Postpartum steaming is particularly affective because the cervix is open until 6 weeks postpartum, allowing for a complete uterine cleanse which can support over all pelvic health and a healthy menstrual cycle. It can help heal tears, stitches, hemorrhoids, and helps the uterus and other organs return to their pre-pregnancy state. There are specific postpartum steam protocols and sensitive so having the right herbs and steam plan in place is important.

30 Day Package This includes an intake assessment to determine your steam plan and herb blend. Once you are ready to steam (usually sometime during the first week for vaginal birth), I come to your home and set up the steam kit, which includes a stool, crock pot, and herbs. I am there with you for this first steam session and then continue to check in with you during the month. At the end of the 30 days, I will come to do a final steam with you and leave you with a steaming protocol for the first year postpartum. $275 Buy Now

10 Day Cesarean Package For a cesarean, the protocol is 10 days starting at 6 weeks, but otherwise the package is identical to the above. Steaming after a cesarean birth offers many benefits. The daily practice of steaming can provide deep relaxation, the herbal steam supports overall health of the pelvic bowl. $250 Buy Now

6 Steam Sessions This is for those of you for whom coming into the office with your newborn is actually more relaxing then staying home (maybe you have older children?). It includes the intake assessment and 6 steams sessions at Sage Water. We work around the needs of your baby. $225 Buy Now

Virtual Consult This includes an intake assessment, a personalized steam plan and steaming directions and supply list. After birth, we determine when you are ready to start steaming and which herbs and protocol makes the most sense, followed by weekly check ins or as needed. All communication is on phone / text. (This doesn’t include stool purchase or rental and herbs.) $97 Buy Now